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Dave is an endless source of wisdom, coolness, and sharp wit.
He loves hearing from people,
but his difficult life on the road
makes keeping in touch difficult.
Please feel free to contact Dave
using one of the following methods.
if Dave doesn't respond within 24 hours,
wait longer.


Dave checks his electronic mail every day with a high-tech computer-looking thingy. He probably has like Linux on it and stuff too. You can write to him at:

Please note that this link will open up whatever your current default email application is, in preparation for sending a message to this address. Some people like the convenience of this functionality. If you don't intend to have an email-writing window pop up on your computer, don't click the above link. Thank you.

On Yahoo!

Do you Yahoo!? Dave does. He uses Yahoo! Messenger all the time for message-related purposes. He has many names there, but you may send an instant message to:

Please note that Dave does not take kindly to being annoyed by random strangers, so please use this with caution.


If you use AOL, AOL Instant Messenger, or something compatible with that basic protocol, you can also contact Dave that way, by sending an instant message to:

Please note that AOL sucks. The only reason anyone uses AIM is because they know someone who uses it and nothing else.

Postal Mail

Unfortunately, Dave does not currently have a postal mailbox, due to the chaotic nature of spacetime and his status as a political refugee in an underdeveloped third world country. Messages in a bottle, however, will be accepted if they can actually reach him. Please do not attempt to send cash via message in a bottle. Checks are preferred.


There are also some other places where Dave can be reached... maybe.

Please feel free to check out his place at StumbleUpon, a community-based website and browser toolbar that lets people share links and rate which ones they think are good or bad. Dave's name there (in honor of himself) is:

Indeed, Dave strongly suggests joining StumbleUpon and giving his page some sort of review, even if it's not a good one. That's about it.

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