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[UPDATED - 12.1.05]

CowSuitGirl? What's that?

CowSuitGirl is my first ever attempt at making an online comic. It follows a young woman by the name of "Vaca" Borden as she discovers a magical cow-suit and ends up fighting against the forces of evil.

What exactly is CowSuitGirl going to be like?

Well, it's an action adventure fantasy coming-of-age superhero comedy. I've wanted to do this comic for a long time. Well, not this comic, maybe... but this is the comic I'm making. It will all flow together to tell a coherent story. The comic will be updated weekly until I get comfortable enough with the process to update twice a week or even more often. A great number of things are planned for this comic, many of which I don't know how to do, which might also explain why it's been delayed for so long. The comic will be done in beautiful low-budget black and white and, unless I make a change to my master plan, will be arranged on pages that are horizontal so as to better fit on a computer screen. I really hope people enjoy it.

What's with the delay?

CSG will be ready when it's ready. Unfortunately, exactly what CSG is keeps changing from one month to the next. I won't make any promises, but I am determined to have a comic of very high quality on this site at one point in time.

'Vaca Borden'...that name sounds familiar...

I created the Vaca Borden character while still in high school and then asked myself, "what is the silliest possible name to give a girl in a cow-suit?" 'Vaca' means 'cow' in Spanish, Portugese, and possibly Romanian. In Italian, it's 'vacca', which is similar. The last name 'Borden' came off a package of cheese. So, you see, it all comes together.

Well, since there isn't any CowSuitGirl up, what kind of comics should one read to get ready?

Originally, I used this space to link to some worthwhile comics that could be read online. Since the time I wrote this, some of these comics stopped updating while some of them merely started to suck a lot more. So, you know what? I can't recommend any comics at the moment. Sorry.

What exactly is the cow-suit? What does it do?

That cow-suit is the key to everything. The bad guys want it. The heroine ends up with it by serendipity. But it's more than that. The cow-suit has the ability to give its wearer the strength and speed of a fully grown bovine, and a few other super cow powers. Vaca will discover those as she learns more about her amazing cow-suit, when the comic makes its debut this fall! (I hope.)

This site sucks. Show me the stupid comic!

It's coming. There have been innumerable setbacks, but I'm really hoping to have it up and online... eventually.

So, what can you tell us about this... Dave... person? We know he's not a girl in a cow-suit.

What? Who says I'm not a girl in a cow-suit? Well okay, fine. If you want to learn more about me, here is an interview I did for a newspaper I made up. I mean, here is the interview.

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