My name is Vaca Borden.

Vaca Borden

That's been my nickname ever since I was 12...


I don't remember why.

Some weird stuff has been going on since I found this strange little cow suit.

I'm just glad I've got my friends there when I need them.

And I'm really extra-glad that I've got this cow suit.

Vaca and friends

They don't understand why I wear it.

I guess I don't understand either...

but I like it...

dave vincenty's cowsuitgirl

Coming Online 3rd Quarter, 2005

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This was the original design for the front page of, intended as a placeholder and as a sort of teaser after the domain was registered, but before the actual comic could be put online. On July 30, 2005, it was replaced by a big pretty picture...just for the heck of it.
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